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The Beauty and the Beasts in Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary

Avian Population of Mundanthurai Wildlife SanctuaryIf you find it thrilling to watch the mysterious animals in their natural habitat in a deep dark forest, Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary is the exact place for you.  Situated amidst the majestic Western Ghats at a distance of about 110 Km from Thoothukkudi, the Sanctuary is a nature lover’s treat. Extremely rich in wildlife and beautiful landscapes the sanctuary is home to the beauty and beasts both. It is a perfect place for a nature lover or a wildlife enthusiast or for anybody who loves to explore the dense forest full of diverse wild animals and birds.

More commonly known as Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve is a natural habitat for Brown palm civet, Leopard, Nilgiri Langur, Sambhar, Spotted deer, Bonnet Macaque, Tiger, Mouse deer, Leopard, Rusty spotted cat, Nilgiri Martin, Indian pangolin, Malabar giant squirrel, King Cobra, Sloth Bear, Brown mongoose, Flying Lizard, Pit viper, Python, Monitor Lizard and many more animals. Variations among the floral population of this sanctuary can be seen in the forms of tropical wet evergreen forests to dry deciduous forest.

Faunal Population of Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary

Not only the flora and fauna attracts thousands of vacationers and wildlife enthusiasts here, but bird watching is another gift for them to enjoy from this sanctuary. Avian population spotted here regularly includes Great Pied hornbill, Great Indian Hornbill, Ceylon mouth frog, Grey headed bulbul, , Broad tailed Grass warbler and Oriental bay owl among many others. And you get a chance to see all of them in their natural habitat. What else a wildlife enthusiast need?

The sanctuary is spread over an area of around 567-sq-kms and is situated between longitude 770 10’ East and 770 35’ East and latitudes 80 25’ North to 80 53’ North in the charismatic Western Ghats.  It posses dry deciduous to tropical wet evergreen forest patches of pure reeds and receives plenty of rainfall throughout the year. You would be surprised to know the variation in the rainfall received in different parts of the sanctuary as the same ranges from 3500mm in the western higher reaches to 750mm on the eastern outer slopes. The sanctuary is also the part of Agasthiyarmalai Biosphere Reserve.

Mundanthurai Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary

Reaching Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary is particularly easy by bus and trains both. One need to take a bus from Thoothukudi to Ambasamudaram or Kalakad and many buses are available from there to reach here. If you wish to travel by train, Ambasamudram is the nearest railway station located at a mere distance of about 6 km. And if you love to stay at this place residing in Forest Rest House at Mundanthurai or the EB Rest House at Papanasam Camp or PWD Rest House at Ambasamudram is exciting enough in itself. Roaring of animals in the night is a thrilling experience in itself making it a paradise for all the wildlife enthusiasts.

Location: Tamil Nadu
Established: 1988   
Area: 567-sq-kms
Best Time to Visit: October to January
Faunal Population: Brown palm civet, Leopard, Sambhar, Tiger, Mouse deer, Leopard, Rusty spotted cat
Address: Ambasamudram - Papanasam - Upper Dam Rd, Papanasam R.F., Tamil Nadu - 627551
Phone: 91-481-2311197

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