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Emergency Services in Thoothukudi

We only think about emergency services, once any kind of emergency occurs around us. Is that a right approach of us? Well I don’t think so. It is something we must always be prepared for. No matter where we live, no matter where we work, no matter where we travel or No matter where we drive – information about emergency services must always be handy. Life does not work the way we want. We don’t want any kind of emergency in our life, but we all have to face not one but many kinds of uncertainties and emergencies in our life. We can’t avoid them, but we definitely can change their direction if we are fully prepared for them always.

Emergency Services of Thoothukudi

Fire Brigade Services in Thoothukudi

Thoothukudi fire services come under the Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Service Department. Thoothukudi Fire & Rescue Service Division was split off from Tirunelveli Fire and Rescue Service Division in March, 1987. At that time this division had six fire stations in its lap. Although in past few years, the division has expanded in terms of fire stations and it currently owns nine fire stations in the entire district at Thoothukudi, Kovilpatti, Thoothukudi Thermal, Tiruchendur, Srivaikundam, Sattankulam, Vilathikulam, Kalugumalai and Thoothukudi Sipcot.

Tamil Nadu Fire & Rescue Service Department Contact Details
Divisional Officer, Fire – Rescue Service Department, Thoothukudi Division, Thoothukudi.
Address: No.3 6th Cross Street, Chidambara Nagar, Thoothukudi – 628 008.
Phone Number: 0461 -2310107

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Hospitals and Ambulance Services in Thoothukudi

Hospitals and Ambulance services have always been a necessity for any city and when it comes to a tourist city like Thoothukudi, it should be the top most priority of the concerned government to provide these facilities at ease for everyone. Medical emergency can occur to anybody at anytime. Hence it is a must to have these services open 24*7 to handle the situation properly.  Health related issues come under the Department of Medical and Rural Health Services. There are nine government hospitals in entire district under this department.  Apart from them, there are many private hospitals located throughout the city. Most of the hospitals have their own ambulance services and some of the private players also offer the same to help people reach in time at hospital in case of a medical emergency.

Ambulance Help Line Number - 108

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Blood Donation Units in Thoothukudi

Blood donation has become very crucial in today’s world, when uncountable accidents are happening everyday on the streets of every city. Blood storage facility comes under Public Health and Preventive Medicine department of Thoothukudi.  Thoothukudi Medical College also has a blood bank unit in its campus. Apart from that many blood donation units are also available in the city, where people can go and donate their blood for any kind of medical emergency.

Thoothukudi, Deputy Director of Health Services Office
Office Address: 166, North Beach Road, Thoothukudi -1
Phone: 0461 – 2334526, 0461 – 2329718
Email Id:

Police Services in Thoothukudi

Police services always play the role of foremost emergency services of any city. Thoothukudi Police Department comes under the Tamil Nadu Police and operates through various police stations, all women police stations and traffic police stations located at different areas of the city.

Help Line Numbers for Different Emergencies
Control Room – 100
Traffic Violation Help Line -103
Child Line - 1098
Women Help Line - 1091
Coastal Security Help Line - 1093
Senior Citizen Line -  1253
Prohibition Help Line (Illicit liquor, rectified spirit) - 10581

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